What We Offer

At Dimarcorp Academy we are committed to supporting aged care, disability, health care and child care education providers in cultivating the skills of their teams. We are dedicated to delivering cost-effective and easy-to-access training programs that enhance the skills of your team through a blend of theoretical, practical and experiential learning experiences.  Our courses are tailored to discrete sectors and disciplines, allowing us to optimise outcomes for participants such as Governance & Planning, Financial Management, Marketing, Software, Clinical, Retirement Living and Human Resources. 

With experience in the sectors spanning over 20 years, our facilitators bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Specialising in HR, Governance and Planning, Clinical management, and fostering financial viability.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities these sectors present. Our collective knowledge encompasses a deep understanding of each sector and providing solutions to help streamline operations, optimise clinical practices, or enhance financial performance, our facilitators are here to guide you every step of the way. 

  • Customised Training to Suit Your Needs
  • Australia Wide Training Courses
  • Live In-House Training
  • Experienced Facilitators

Upcoming Courses

Key Sectors

  • Home Care

    In a deregulated market it is imperative that your business grows and changes with the sector.

    Home Care 
  • Residential Aged Care

    From RAD Checks to specialised ACFI education. We are residential care experts.

    Residential Aged Care 
  • Retirement Living

    As professionals dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities you face in the retirement living industry.

    Retirement Living 
  • Personal Care & Allied Health

    Dimarcorp Academy extends beyond traditional training, offering a diverse range of courses in People & Culture, Software, Sales, and Marketing.

    Care & Allied Health 
  • Disability Care (NDIS)

    Our facilitators understand the NDIS sector and the challenges its ever-changing.

    Disability Care (NDIS) 
  • Child Care

    Our courses extend beyond traditional childcare training to offer a range of specialised programs in People & Culture, Software, Sales, and Marketing.

    Child Care 

Course Categories

  • Governance & Planning

    Explore our comprehensive Governance & Planning courses specifically curated for professionals in the Aged Care & Disability sector.

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  • Finance & Accounting

    Immerse yourself in our dynamic Finance Seminars designed to enhance your financial skills.

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  • People & Culture

    Embark on a journey of professional development with our People and Culture courses. Our courses offer a diverse range of topics aimed at enhancing your skills and knowledge.

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  • Marketing & Sales

    Explore our tailored
    Marketing & Sales courses designed specifically for professionals in the
    Aged Care, Disability and Child Care sector.

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  • Software & Technology

    Dive into our dynamic
    Software courses designed to enhance your proficiency in the Microsoft Office
    Suite including Xero.

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  • Clinical & Personal Care

    Explore our specialised Clinical and Personal Care courses designed for professionals in
    the Aged Care sector.

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Empower - Educate - Excel


  • Dimarcorp Academy has been able to earn my respect and confidence in a very short time by virtue of the hard work they're putting in. There's a lot of admiration out there and people really appreciate the added value they've brought.


  • I’m fortunate to have been part of Dimarcorp Academy and really happy to see outstanding work done by them. Courses that truly work for the upliftment and betterment of the students. The teachers have dedication towards their work and their students.


  • Dimarcorp Academy's courses are different and fun. All kinds of doubts are patiently solved irrespective of the class or age of the student. It offered the great opportunity to learn from and share expertise with people from around the globe. Commendable effort and thank you to the entire team.