Collection: Masterclass for Practice Owners


A program designed to empower healthcare practice owners to effortlessly navigate the ever-changing medical landscape and gain the financial knowledge and business skills needed for success.

Course Overview

This program will equip healthcare practice owners with the financial knowledge and business skills to thrive in today's medical landscape and gain the tools to achieve your growth goals.. 

We understand the unique challenges you face – managing staff, optimising billing, ethical marketing, staying compliant with regulations, and ensuring patient satisfaction. 

This comprehensive session addresses these areas and more, to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to incorporate finance and business skills into your practice with confidence.

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What you’ll Receive

  • 4 Hour Course
  • Workbook and Handouts
  • Participation eCertificate
  • Post Course Support

  • Online

    $499 + GST (Per Person)

Key Topics Covered

Future of Practice Ownership:

Explore emerging trends and evolving dynamics shaping the future of practice ownership in healthcare. Learn strategies to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape


Understand the critical role of governance in guiding decision-making, ensuring accountability, and safeguarding the interests of stakeholders.

Clinical Growth and Strategic Planning

Dive into clinical growth strategies and strategic planning methodologies to expand your practice’s scope, enhance service offerings, and optimise patient care delivery.

Financial Review

Conduct a comprehensive financial review of your practice including profit and loss, forecasting and identifying areas for improvement, and developing strategies for sustainable financial success.

Recruitment and Talent Management

Learn the process of attracting exceptional individuals and building high-performing teams that drive practice growth and excellence.

Legal and Contractual Considerations

Explore the complex legal landscape of healthcare practice ownership and gain insights into contractual agreements, compliance requirements, and risk mitigation strategies.

Patient Experience Enhancement

Explore strategies to elevate patient experience, foster patient loyalty, and cultivate strong relationships with your community.

Technology Integration

Streamline your practice workflows, enhance efficiency and improve patient outcomes through innovative healthcare solutions.

Employee Wellbeing and Resilience

Address the growing importance of prioritising employee wellbeing and resilience in healthcare settings, particularly in light of the demands and stressors associated with the profession. Share practical strategies and resources for promoting mental health awareness, self-care practices and work-life balance among staff members.

Continuing Education & Development

Learn the importance of ongoing education and professional development for practice managers to stay on top of industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies.

Effective Recruitment Strategies

Explore best practice for attracting top talent to the practice, including targeted job postings and employee referrals. Discuss strategies for conducing interviews, assessing candidate fit, and ensuring diversity and including in the recruitment process.

Performance Appraisals and Feedback

The importance of regular performance evaluations in driving employee development. Discuss methods for conducting fair and constructive performance appraisals, setting SMART goals, and providing meaningful feedback to employees to support their growth and improvement.

Succession Planning & Talant Management

Understand the importance of succession planning in ensuring organisational resilience and continuity. Exploring methods for identifying high-potential employees, grooming future leaders, and creating talent pipelines to fill key roles within the practice.

Employee Engagement and Retention Strategies

Explore strategies for fostering employee engagement, motivation and loyalty to reduce turnover and enhance workplace productivity.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Overview of relevant employment laws regulations and industry standards, governing recruitment, contracts, performance appraisals and professional development including compliance requirements.

Technology and HR Management

The role of technology in streamlining HR processes, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and training.

Brand Identity and Reputation Management

Delve into the importance of cultivating a strong brand identity and managing the practices reputation in an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape. Discuss branding strategies, online reputation management techniques, and the impact on patient reviews and social media on practice perception.

Ethical Healthcare Marketing

Explore ethical considerations and regulatory guidelines related to healthcare marketing, including patient privacy, advertising standards and compliance with industry regulations. Delve into the importance of maintaining patent confidentiality, adhering to advertising best practices.

Utilising Data for Marketing Optimisation

Discuss strategies for practice managers to harness data insights effectively in optimising resource allocation, identifying growth opportunities and assessing the impact of marketing campaigns.

Who Is This Course Ideal For?

This program has been developed for Practice Owners