Collection: Identifying & Responding to Conflict


Develop your conflict resolution skills and empower yourself and your team to alleviate stressful situations.

Course Overview

Our Conflict Recognition and Resolution training empowers participants with essential skills to mitigate the consequences of conflict and challenging situations within the workplace.

During the session, participants will gain insights into the factors driving conflict and acquire strategies for recognising and addressing different conflict styles. Arming attendees with the tools necessary to mnimise the impact of conflicts and navigate through potentially hostile situations effectively.

By the end of this training session, participants will emerge with a heightened ability to identify, understand and respond to conflicts in a manner that fosters positive outcomes and contributes to a more collaborative and cohesive work environment.

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What you’ll Receive

  • 3 Hour Course
  • Workbook
  • Participation eCertificate
  • Post Course Support

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    $299 + GST (Per Person)


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Key Topics Covered

Drivers of Conflict 

  • Understanding Client Profiles 
  • What is Conflict? 
  • 8 Drivers of Conflict 

Conflict Resolution Strategies 

  • The Four Colours 
  • Mediation 
  • Strategies for Minimising Conflict 
  • Managing Conflict in a Virtual Environment 

Managing Hostile Situations 

  • Why Do People Become Hostile? 
  • Recognising the Cues 
  • The Aikido Principle 
  • Addressing Hostility 
  • Post Incident Management 

Enhancing Communication Skills 

  • Active Listening 
  • Encoding & Decoding 
  • Blind Draw 
  • Successful Communication Tips 

Managing Competing Demands 

  • Prioritising Tasks 
  • Bullying & Harassment 

Who Is This Course Ideal For?

This program has been developed to enhance the skills and overall knowledge of but not limited to: Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Administration Staff, Reception Staff, HR Professionals.