Collection: AN-ACC Mandatory Care Minutes


Clinical Insights & Overview of the Australian National Aged Care Classification Model (AN-ACC)

Course Overview

On 1 October 2022, the Australian Government provided an additional $3.9 billion through the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) funding model. AN-ACC replaced the Aged Care Funding instrument (ACFI) model.

Join our clinical care consultant, Nigel McGothigan, who has been involved with AN-ACC from the beginning and has supported providers in the transition from ACFI to AN-ACC, offering a comprehensive understanding of the AN-ACC clinical practices and the clinal process that should be adapted.

This program will discuss the implications of the new AN-ACC model on clinical governance frameworks, clinical assessment, and best practice protocols. The program will discuss areas of focus for clinical management, registered nurses, care staff and the considerations that should have been made during the change. AN-ACC has also changed the focus of care teams from being funding generators in ACFI to focusing on clinical care outcomes and assessment.

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What you’ll Receive

  • 3 Hours Course
  • Workbook and Handouts
  • Participation Certificate
  • Post Course Support

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    $299 + GST (Per Person)

Key Topics Covered

  • The Aged Care Equation 
  • Uncovering AN-ACC 
  • Change in thinking, culture and language 
  • Exploring the AN-ACC tools of assessment 
  • What constitutes Compounding Factors - updated July 2023 
  • Reclassification - if, when, why, and how 
  • The importance of documentation 
  • Reviewing care minutes and workforce obligations 
  • Clinical Governance Frameworks under AN-ACC 
  • Clinical Assessment under AN-ACC 
  • Best Clinical Practices under AN-ACC 
  • Initiatives - What can you do? 

Who Is This Course Ideal For?

Clinical Personnel (Registered Nurse), Clinical Managers, Care Coordinators, Directors of Care, Directors of Nursing, ACFI Personnel (EN, Cert IV), ACFI Coordinators, Aged Care Workers (Team Leaders/Supervisors), Aged Care Managers (Non-Clinical Focus)